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It's a revolutionary mobile marketing tool.
We provide a single universal code that delivers targeted content based on the device.
If you're a cross-platform mobile developer (Android, Iphone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), for example, with You just need to promote a singular url or publish a unique QRCode to bring every user to the right market. Android users will go to Google Play, Iphone users to ITunes, and so on.
And this is just one of the countless applications. close stands for Unique Code. Nevertheless, we're proud to point its other meaning: "universal qr code".
Our codes are both unique and universal, actually.
Unique since you just need one to target countless devices, universal because they work with every device. close
You choose what page to show to which device, creates a magic url and a qrcode from it. close
  • target users (or customers) based on their device
  • even the more complex url will be converted in a small and simple qrcode
  • uniq codes are social friendly: easily shareable across every major social network
  • get advanced tracking and analytics [registered users]
  • get custom urls, ex. [registered users]
  • edit target urls anytime keeping valid the QR Code you already market [registered users]
  •'s responsive design fits every browser and device. You can enjoy it everywhere.
  • our basic service is free and open to everyone
  • there's nothing like that. It's unique.
Advanced features are currently in private Beta. You can request an invitation here close Copyright © 2013